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Mindful Webinar Series

Susan Skjei

Susan Skjei

Lead Faculty


Welcome to our monthly Mindful Webinar Series where we will explore topics and insights from the feedback and questions we receive in our 7-Day mini course. We hope they help bring some ease, clarity and awareness into your work and daily life.

Questions include:

  • What if you could meet stress gracefully and address challenges with humor and creativity?
  • What if you could find new ways to integrate mindfulness into your interactions with others?
  • What if you could enhance deep listening and compassion in everyday communication?
  • Where to Start

    Next Event:

    January 15th 2020, 12 Noon MT / 6:00 PM UTC

    Zoom Video Conference
    Join in from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.

    Please connect by using the “Join Webinar” button above.

    Or Connect by Telephone:
    Primary: 646-558-8656
    Backup: 408-638-0968
    Meeting ID: 796-309-862

    International numbers available here.

    #1 – Resilience at Work (February)

    #2 – Mindfulness Meditation (March)

    #3 – Neuroscience (April)

    #4 – Not Just the Mind (May)

    #5 – Mindful Communication (June)

    #6 – Your Emotions (July)

    #7 – Leading Mindfully (August)

    #8 – Resilience at Work? (September)

    #9 – Resilience (November)

    #10 – Mindfulness Meditation (December)

    #11 – Embodiment (February)

    #12 – Mindful Planning (March)

    #13 – Strong Emotions – Fresh Start (April)

    * Replays will be available within 1-2 business days. Audio transcripts are available upon request.

    During the live event, you can interact with other participants and faculty using the live “Group Chat” feature found within the online classroom.

    NOTE: You’ll need to be logged into the 7-day Mini Course to use this feature. If you haven’t already created your eNaropa account, click here to enroll in our introduction to Mindful at Work mini course.

    Having trouble? Call support (518) 362-7672

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    What's the next step? How about enrolling in our full course with a community of others? See the complete eight week class overview below and join us as we develop practices to bring mindfulness into our working lives.

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