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Ripples in the Water

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”

~ Mother Teresa ~

How effective are we as leaders? Do we have the self-awareness and the courage to genuinely and successfully lead the changes we want to see in our personal and professional lives? And can we extend that knowledge in a respectful, compassionate and heartfelt way to effect positive changes in our world?

Rita Devassy, founder of Deva Seed and guest speaker for the upcoming Foundations of Authentic Leadership program in September 2017, asks us to delve deeply into these thought-provoking questions as we consider what impact we want to make on our world.

We recognize that it’s not an easy world we live in now. Many of us are like swans – gliding serenely on the lake but paddling furiously underneath. There are never-ending pressures and demands on our time. We are constantly required to keep moving in this fast-paced, whirlwind environment, which leaves little to no room for us to go beneath the surface and understand the subtitles of what is truly going on in our lives and in the world around us.


Rita asks us to reflect on how embodying authenticity in our leadership can be the catalyst for how we show up in the world. She encourages us to consider how effective and compassionate leadership can heighten awareness and enable people to integrate these life lessons into our professional lives and, by extension, into society.

Rita emphasizes how compassion has to start within us before we can extend it to the world around us. She reminds us how being present in our own lives and developing self-compassion can help us to positively influence our world. It is one thing to intellectually talk about being compassionate but consistently practicing it requires self-awareness and a genuine desire to transform society in a positive and fulfilling way.

As part of her reflection on how effective leadership can actively impact society, Rita explores the difference between compassion and empathy. With empathy, we can put ourselves in another person’s shoes and try our best to understand and relate to what someone is experiencing. With compassion, however, we are actually acting on the empathy that we feel for that person by trying to do something constructive to help them.

Rita emphasizes the need for us to interact enthusiastically with one another in this world. By practicing compassion with ourselves and others, we can begin to transform our own lives as well as empower the lives of those around us. As we continue to pass along this sense of awareness and purpose, we can help to create a level of consciousness that will enable us to make a positive and lasting impact on our world.

Rita Devassy is the founder of Deva Seed, a company with a mission to help create a new era of business leaders who recognize that self-inquiry, generosity, and compassion are required hallmarks of an effective and successful leader.

Rita brings 18 years of technological leadership experience in the competitive and dynamic field of telecommunications. With more than a decade of contemplative practice and meditation in various Buddhist traditions, Rita now helps business leaders create space for awareness that sharpens their leadership of people and organizations.

Rita has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Indiana University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from Purdue University. In addition, she is a graduate of the Authentic Leadership program at Naropa University and is on the faculty for the Foundations of Authentic Leadership workshop.

Rita Devassy

Founder, Deva Seed

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