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“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” ~ Drake ~

Three Reasons Why I Recommend Authentic Leadership to Everyone in the Natural Products Industry

In Spring of 2018, I had the good fortune of participating in the Authentic Leadership program at Naropa University. I learned about the program through a Naturally Boulder education event and decided that, personally and professionally, I was ready to take my leadership “to the next level.” I signed up for the program and began a 16-week Authentic Leadership journey that changed my life for the better. The program deeply impacted how I see the world and how I am aware of myself in the world. It helped me understand how my thoughts and actions affected others around me at work and at home. The program helped me “get in touch” with who I really am so that I can bring the best version of myself to every encounter, every day, and help to positively influence the energy in a room, in situations, and in my interactions with others.

Benefit #1: Mindful Awareness
The first portion of the AL program focuses on mindfulness and becoming “aware” of thoughts, judgements, biases, and stories that we tell ourselves, say to others, and that impact our ability to lead. Before we can set an example for others, we need to get in touch with our authentic, inner selves, and understand who we are by participating in a consistent, ongoing practice through meditation and mindful awareness exercises.


Benefit #2: Inspired Embodiment
It wasn’t until I experienced the embodiment exercises of the Authentic Leadership Program that I realized the importance of body language — how the way we hold ourselves and the position of our bodies can impact the energy of a room and our interactions with individuals. Now, when I enter a room or am speaking with someone, I try to keep my shoulders back, maintain an open heart, and hold a welcoming posture. Incorporating these small tweaks has made a big impact on meetings and conversations.


Benefit #3: Vulnerability
One of the most important lessons I learned was when and how to be open and vulnerable with others. While vulnerability and transparency can lead to closer relationships, help build trust, and form strong interpersonal relationships, there is a time, a place, and a method of “being vulnerable” when in a leadership position. The program helped me understand when and how to “open up” with teams, colleagues, friends, and family.

While these are just three benefits I took away from the Authentic Leadership program, there are many, many more that I have incorporated into my life. I will continue to look back on the program as one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had and know that it is a wonderful program for current leaders, aspiring leaders, and anyone looking to build their “leadership EQ.”

Adriane is a marketing professional with a passion for authentic brands and all things natural and organic. With 12 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, CPG companies and founding a communications firm, Adriane has proven success in authentic storytelling and building brands. Areas of expertise include consumer marketing, advertising, PR, branding, strategy, product innovation, financial analysis and P&L accountability and achieving and exceeding growth goals. Dedicated to a natural lifestyle and working with like-minded brands, Adriane has gained a deep understanding of the food landscape, the LOHAS consumer, and conscious business practices. She is an alumna of the Authentic Leadership program at Naropa University.

Adriane Pilcher

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